John W. Warnock

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Briarpatch Magazine


John W. Warnock was a regular contributor to Briarpatch Magazine after his move to Regina in 1986. He was the assistant editor between 1990 and 1996. While assistant editor, he normally contributed one article in each issue. Most of those are not included or referenced on this web site. The Canadian Periodicals Index has all the citations from 1990 to the present. Individual libraries have paper copies in their collections. including the Libraries at the University of Regina and the University of Sakatchewan.



Act Up in Saskatchewan


Act Up in Saskatchewan was an on-line Indymedia site which was based in Regina. It was a member of the Indymedia family of popular media which was created after the mass demonstration and confrontation that occurred in Seattle in December 1999. As described, it is "a collection of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate and passionate tellings of the truth."


In Regina a group of over 100 people set up Act Up in Saskatchewan. It was open to all community organizations and individual citizens. Some, like John Warnock, used it as a blog, where they regularly posted news and opinion pieces. Warnock posted articles almost every week while it was in operation, and some of them appear on this web site.


Eventually commitment of support by the Regina group faded, and a few years ago the remaining active members decided to shut it down. It became too much work for too few people. It received significant support from the School of Journalism at the University of Regina, where there may be an archive.



John W. Warnock's Blog


With Act Up in Saskatchewan in the process of shutting down, John Warnock created his own blog site in 2011. Most of his recent publications have appeared on this blog. Warnock's production of political articles has declined for a couple of reasons. First, he has been in the process of researching a book on the impact of climate change on agriculture. Second, Warnock has been in the process of doing construction on a small farm near Bulyea, Saskatchewan, where he now lives. This has included building a camp site, constructing a composting toilet and a solar bath house, installing a solar system for electricity, restoring an original settler cabin to become his new library, and converting a 100-year-old small horse barn into a residence. When the Bauer family left the farm some years ago, they took the house with them. On top of this, beginning in 2011 this general area of rural Saskatchewan has experienced heavy rain fall and flooding. Thirty acres of the quarter section farm have been flooded, as has much of the farmstead yard including the lane into the residence from the grid road. As a result, research and writing have in recent years been limited to winter months.




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